Denwol is a Sydney-based diversified property group owned and controlled by Phillip Wolanski AM.


For over 40 years, the Group has brought a strong blend of market knowledge, progressive thought and originality to Denwol’s established record of success.


Denwol is focused on four separate activities – Commercial Property Investment, Property Development, Property Trading and Hospitality Development and Investment.

Property Development

Denwol is an active developer of residential, commercial, industrial, retail and hotel properties. This includes demonstrated capabilities in the innovative redevelopment of investment properties through the Group’s experience in securing re-zonings, development applications, re-engineering of existing buildings, changed tenancy mixes, subdivisions and strata subdivisions.

Hotel Development and Investment

Property Investment

Denwol invests principally in commercial property. The Group’s investment portfolio includes hotels, residential, retail, industrial properties and third party signage.

Denwol invests in, develops and asset manages hotel assets. The group has successfully developed 4 hotels.

Asset & Property Management

The Group’s Asset Management team oversees and enacts capital transactions, funding, development and capital expenditure for the Group and Joint Ventures. This includes property management on a day-to-day basis of all our properties.

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